Buddy is coming….

This year at school the Winona kindergarten children are exploring the concept of “Bucket Filling!” The children have been taught that each person on Earth has an invisible bucket that they carry with them at all times and we make a choice to be a “bucket filler” or a “bucket dipper“.  We “fill” someone’s bucket (and our own) when we say and do nice things for others.  We “dip” into someone else’s bucket (and our own) when we do not say and do nice things for others. 

Buddy the Bucket Filler is our classroom reminder to fill buckets every day at home, at school and everywhere we go.  Starting this week the children will have the opportunity to bring Buddy home.  He is a toy dog and will be coming to your house in a very special bag.  Inside the bag you will find a book, a journal, Buddy’s photo album, pencil case, CD and instructions to complete the assignment.  Buddy enjoys visiting his friends and we know that you will take very good care of him.  He needs to be kept clean and safe at all times so please be very, very, careful with him.  Buddy needs to come back to school in his special bag the day your child’s name appears on the classroom calendar.  The children will present their assignment to the class so please practice with them what they will say.