Snowflakes Are Falling

We folded our white paper into a small triangle

Then we drew shapes like squares, triangles, semi circles, rectangles and even hearts along the edges of the small paper triangle

Then the cutting begins.

When all the cutting is done its time to gently unfold our awesome snowflakes

Voila here are all our different snowflakes

Making our yummy soup!

Thank you everyone for the donations.

We washed, peeled, chopped, measured, poured and stirred the ingredients into our crockpot.  All afternoon our classroom smelled so yummy. The students can’t wait to try our yummy soup tomorrow.

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We are going to be making a vegetable soup with our class on Monday November 26. We have been conducting surveys about what we like in our soup. If you would like to provide an ingredient that your child prefers in our soup, please send it in via Katch-All Bag by Monday November 26. Although we created a list of ingredients for our soup with the children, the ingredient does not have to be part of our list.

Some ideas are: potatoes, peas, parsley, zucchini, crackers, soup broth and seasoning.

We will prepare our soup on Monday and eat the soup on Tuesday.

We are looking forward to sharing a delicious homemade vegetable soup together.


Mrs. Hilbert and Mrs. Pattenden


Sign Language a new way to communicate.

We are sharing a video  that shows what we have been learning in our class. We have been learning how to sign the alphabet with our hands. We are finding that signing can be used as a tool to reinforce their letters and their sounds. Plus we are having fun learning a new way to communicate. For example we dismiss the children from our carpet by showing them the sign for their special letter of their name.


Please be aware that these videos are American and when the say the letter Z they say Zee. Please reinforce that Canadian Z is called Zed.

I hope you have fun watching and learning sign language with your children