Congratulations to our student of the week….Mrs. Hilbert and I were very proud of this gentleman as he donated during our winter coat collection and helped keep another child warm this winter.  Keep up the good work!

Holiday party in room 1094

Holiday party

Hi Everyone…

Welll one more week left of school and let me tell you, the children are so excited……we have heard a lot about all the Elf on the Self shananagans these little guys are pulling. This Friday is a special food day at the school, so Mrs. Hilbert and I are planning a little celebration including some holiday crafts, and a few treats…..some parents have asked if they can bring in some treats? Please do not feel obligated to send in treats…..with 29 children we would have enough to last us till next year……so again please do not feel obligated, if you would like to send in a treat that your child could share with their friends, we ask that you send in enough for 12 children, that way when we put it all out children can pick a treat or two from the table, they don’t end up having too much and feeling unwell and we are not left at the end of the day with too many left overs, maybe also this way if you contribute this time another parent can contribute the next special food day.  A reminder, if you are sending in any treats, please be aware of food allergies which include peanut and tree nuts, chick peas and peppers of any kind.

Mrs. Hilbert and I wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Thank you.

Lockdown Drill

Today we had a lockdown drill.  We practiced sitting silently in our safe corner with the lights off, doors locked and blinds pulled down.  Please reassure your child that he/she is safe at school.