Lots to recycle today!

Our recyclers this week had their hands full with paper and cardboard to recycle. B encouraged his classmates to put paper in the blue bin and not the garbage when we cleaned up after Art with Ms. Jelicic this morning. When we were recycling in the foyer, M said, “We put the paper in the medium size bin and then the big bin. Awesome measurement words!


Lockdown Drill

This afternoon we had a lockdown drill.  We practiced sitting silently in our safe corner with the lights off, doors locked and blinds pulled down.  Please reassure your child that he/she is safe at school.


Thursday FYI’s

TCBY: Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written and their $2 is In a secure envelope or ziplock bag.

Outdoor Clothing: Please make sure that your child’s clothing is LABELED. Each child will need,
1) Winter Coat
2) Winter Boots
3) Snow Pants
4) Neck Warmer
5) Hat
6) Water Resistant Gloves/ Mittens

Just a quick reminder that Friday November 21st is a PA Day. Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on Monday.

Mrs.Montecalvo and Mrs.Hilbert