Family Projects

Family projects are designed for your family to work together to create something meaningful that connects to our learning at school.  Please enjoy this time with your child and be as creative as you would like. 

Oral language is a foundation to all learning.  The more your child engages in purposeful talk the more developed this skill will become.

Talk to your child about a plan before starting and have fun along the way.  Due dates are marked on the class calendars.  On the due date your child will be presenting his or her work. Talking to your child about the project as you work together ensures he or she will have something to say when it is time to present.  Presentations take on many different forms so your child has exposure talking to large groups, small groups and just one partner.  Practicing making big sentences with lots of detail is most helpful for young children,

A new project will be posted at the beginning of each month.